Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The New Guy

There is a new guy in our newly married lives, and his name is Sirius Black. 

He is just about the sweetest thing there ever was. 

This is his story: 

Back in July, my favorite bakery in the whole world (Muddy's Bake Shop- what what!) posted on their blog that a sweet dog had walked up to their off site bakery (where they make their big orders and such). A sweet lady working there had taken him home and to vet and they had named him Sirius Black-- and did anyone want to adopt him?!?! My husband (!!!) and I had been talking about adopting a new dog post wedding and naming him Sirius Black. We saw this blog post, and though- THAT'S OUR DOG! However, I was going out of town that week, and we just kinda figured someone would adopt him right away- he was just so cute!

Cut to my bachelorette weekend- Muddy's posted ANOTHER blog post that Sirius still hadn't been adopted. Nate and I texted and agreed that we should contact the lady who was taking care of him. I sent her an email, but she said that he was going to an adoption event that weekend. She told me that she would let me know how the event went and get back to me. 

Of course, about 4 different people put in an application for him. He quickly went off to the home of the first lady who put in an application. We were sad, but just figured we would adopt a dog after the wedding- after all, adopting a dog right before a wedding and a honeymoon is just a stupid idea.

BUT- a few weeks later, we got an email from the Muddy's lady that the trial period hadn't worked out and the other families who put in applications had adopted other dogs--- were we still interested?!?!

The answer was YES- of course we are still interested- but we are getting married in a few weeks SO can we figure this out?

Well turns out Sirius had heartworms (I have learned WAY too much about heartworms but the skinny of it is- DONT EVER MISS A MONTH WITH YOUR DOG'S HEARTWORM TREATMENT), and he was due for his first round of treatment on August 15th. Well apparently when she took him in to get treatment, the vet asked if she could come back at the end of August. The adoption group (yeah Streetdog Foundation) wanted to make sure he did okay through that first round of treatment which happened to be over RIGHT WHEN WE GOT BACK FROM THE HONEYMOON!

I arranged with the adoption group and the Muddy's lady to pick him up the day we flew back from the honeymoon.

My husband (!!!) had to fly to Chicago to go on tour (Life as  Musician's Wife, by Me) so I flew into Memphis to complete the adoption and drive him to Nashville to live FOREVER!!!!!

We stopped by my dads house to grab Luna (she was partying with Dad's puppies while we were on the honeymoon).

So after a few minutes of butt sniffing and meeting Uncle Milton- Luna took up the back seat and Sirius curled up in the front with me.

The drive was totally easy- no problems. I even shared some of my turkey sandwich with him.

When we got back to Nashville, I took him on a short walk around the block like Cesar says to do, and then I walked him around the house on the leash --- rules, boundaries, and limitations people.

He and Luna are just the oddest set of siblings. They are pretty much opposite in every way. Sirius is a snuggle bug, super calm and easy going. We all know Luna is high energy, only snuggles when she is tired, and a little bit neurotic. But here are they- fast friends.

Sirius had to go through another round of heartworm treatment in early October. He has to keep quiet and calm- no exercise, has to go out to the bathroom on a leash, no playing with Luna, you get the picture. So when we leave the house- he has to stay in his kennel. (Don't worry he gets to play after Thanksgiving!)

I have discovered, through the evidence of disheveled bedspreads, that Luna sleeps in the bedroom with Sirius while we are out of the house. SO SWEET. I CANT HANDLE IT.

They really are precious together.

And they both love peanut butter!!!!!!!!
The truth is that we both have fallen in love with this guy. He is cuddling with me while I write this blog post. Nate fell in love the minute he walked through the door. Sirius and I had a moment- a special moment. 

See, it took me a little while to know what to do with a second dog. I have raised Luna since she was a month old. I know everything about her - I know her barks. I know her quirks. I know what she might do and when and why. When I got Sirius home that first week, I felt uncomfortable. I didn't know him. Everything he did was new to me. It just felt so awkward. How on earth was I going to love him like I love my Luna? 

Well turns out, all it took was a trip to the vet. 

Sirius had to stay overnight at the vet for his heartworm treatment. As I was paying, I felt a little nudge on the back of my legs. THERE WAS MY LITTLE BUDDY! The vet tech had brought him out, and he was so excited to see me that he he was waggling his little tail and giving me a big smile just like this one.  

 I fell in love with his little face right then and there. The vet tech said it was the happiest they had seen him during his visit. He loved me and I loved him- plain and simple.

Everyone who comes to visit loves our sweet little man. He is the perfect fit for our family. He and Luna are just dying to play together. They will get to do that very soon.

But until then- it is just snuggles on the couch. I think I can handle that for a little while longer.




  1. Fine information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and best of luck!

  2. That name suits him very well! Lovely story :)

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