Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i think you have toes on your feet, not fingers


YES. mmmm wait, that wasn't loud enough. YES! i got the vibram five fingers for my birthday! naturally, i tried them out the next day, which was yesterday. (we had my family b-day celebration sunday night).

I was SOOOOOO excited to put them on before i drove out to the gym. I sat down. Got them out of the box. And put them on my feet. Oops. Scratch that. I worked and pulled and pushed and wiggled them onto my five for 15 minutes.

It took me fifteen minutes to get these puppies on. I was not expecting that at all. HOWEVER, the effort was well worth it, as i will explain below. Getting the shoes on works best if you start with the big toe and figure out some way to get each of the rest in. That description doesnt help much, because, well, i still have no idea how i got them on my feet.

My thoughts getting the VFFs on: after a little while, once they get broken in and form to my feet, it will be much easier to get my toes in. I will also eventually be able to wear my socks (yes the come with toe socks too) with them.

At the gym, I hopped onto the treadmill (looking all kinds of funny in my shoes- def got a few stares- and all kinds of cute in my new running skirt my aunt got me) and promptly turned the speed up to 6. AND within 30 seconds, my left foot cramped up. So much for listening to the directions and wearing the VFFs for an hour just walking around.

I had to stop, stretch out my feet and calves, then SLOWLY work up to 6.0. I ran half a mile in my VFF. By the end, uhnm,.etyjnmu (that last bit was typed by luna, thought i would leave it in for kicks) a few toes were a little numb, but otherwise the run felt great and super light.

I know that it will take a few weeks to really settle into the shoes, but my run number 1 made me super excited for when i can run in them all the time.

Then, when i put on my regular running shoes, i felt like i had bubble wrap on my feet. awk.

sorry that i hadnt posted in so long. ultra love.