Sunday, September 16, 2012



I spend most of my time with these two people: The man in the socks and the sweet sweet face staring at you.

I spend the other parts of my time at work and working out.

I recently went on a lovely vacation to California with the sock man's family, sans sock man. It was very relaxing and very fun. what did I do? I ate food. I slept. I read books about dogs. I played with a baby, a toddler, and two 4 year-olds. I went on a 45 minute barefoot beach run. And I went to California Bikram Yoga.

I am about to describe that experience to you. However, I have been informed (from various other renditions of this story) that most Cali studios are NOT like this one. Most are super intense- like, the front row can't sit down ever or drink water .

(Side note: Luna just licked the WHOLE top of my man's recently filled with Arnold Palmer Tervis Tumbler. HA!)

This studio was the opposite. I am going to run through a few bits of dialogue, and please read this in your most breathy California female accent.

"You are doing soooooooo awesomeeeeeeee. This just feels sooooooo gooood. Okayyyy, now if you are comparing yourself to anyone else in the room, just laugh at yourself. This is not a competition. You should not be working hard. This is about just breathing and being in this room. Don't push yourself" ---------- if any of you have ever been to a bikram class, you would know that the WHOLE FREAKIN POINT is to push yourself. otherwise you wont make any progress. I wanted to ask this lady if I should just leave....

and to top it all off- this is the story she told during our rest times.... dont forget your breathy voice...
"So a few years ago, I had to get my neck adjusted like every week. One day, my chiropractor was like, When was the last time you cried? I think you need to have a really good cry. So I was like, whatever. But that day, my grandmother was in the hospital and I went to visit her. When i got there, I just cried and cried and cried.... I swear, I never had to have my neck adjusted again."
I nearly lost it. For real? really? what is this story?

Needless to say, I did not go back to that studio after that. I dont need any of that feel-good BS. That's why I have a dog. When I go to work out, I want to work out, ya know? So i just ignored her for most of the class and imagined what Tu would have been telling me to do. Worked fairly well. :)

Next blog post is going to be about Gerry, my favorite work out teacher man, and his Cardio Blast class. Gerry is the ultra best. YEAH.

Ultra Love,