Saturday, September 18, 2010

Push your face to you legs with your smiling happy face

so thought that maybe i would fill you crazy kids in on my yoga progress. In the last month, i have been going to bikram at least 5 days a week, and this equals tangible progress, my friends.

For better pictures, go here.
posture number 2-- also goes into a backbend, and well, my backbend is starting to get pretty bendy folks.
Posture number 2 -- also goes into a forward bend where you push your face into your legs and try to lock your knees. I am very close to locking my knees. woo woo.
posture number 5 -- i am about 2 inches away from locking my kicking knee out. and for you people who know me, that is serious stuff.
posture 8-- this posture is particularly hard for me. and though my progress is minimal, i can feel my hamstrings slowly letting go of years of tension. you are supposed to put your hands on the outside of your heels. if you cant get your heels, then the outside of your toes. if you cant do that, then you put your hands on the ground in front of you. that's where i am. my fingers just barely touch the outside of my feet, but i really can tell a difference. they say that if you lock your thighs, that allows your hamstrings to relax. we shall see.
posture 12-- you start this pose with your foot on your thigh and then you bend over until your hands touch the ground. WELL, i used to not be able to touch the ground let along squat all the way down to this pose, called toe stand, because you stand on your toes on one foot. now i can balance for a few seconds without having my hands hold me up. what what!
posture 19-- i can get my thighs up off the ground. you people may think this is easy, but go ahead and try. see how strong your back is.
posture 20 -- this pose is hard on your knees- it stretches them out big time. and guess what, mine are tight (big surprise there). well, at first, i could only sit up on my knees (your feet are slightly on the outside of your thighs so that your butt rests on the floor) because my butt didnt touch the floor yet. Now i can lean back on my elbows and put the top of my head on the ground. eventually, i should be able to relax all the way into the posture.
Posture 22- camel pose-- is a wild one. i think it is about as close as i will ever come to doing drugs.
posture 15 is actually at the end between postures 24 and 25 -- and (this is the real kicker) I CAN lock my legs while holding my toes. YES PEOPLE IT'S TRUE.

I have had some fantastic classes that have left me feeling on top of cloud 9. I have had a plethora of teachers and most of them are fantastic. My favorite is the owner, mostly because she really takes the time to correct me. This is probably the reason I am getting so far into these postures. The other great thing is they give us fruit after each class. AND i love coconut water. you should go try it.

that's all i've got people.

ultra love.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luna's Life- In Video

This is what we do everyday. Without fail. It is ultra-awesome.

Ultra Love.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The journey to the haven....

So i have a new roomie. her name is Gracie. She wrote a fascinating tale of our journey, and instead of retelling, i am just going to link you to her blog. Enjoy.

That is the story. And just to add my little bit of wisdom, i am a big fan of pet friendly hotels. Luna got to sleep on the bed with me and everything. And then we played fetch in the morning, surprise, surprise. And then i got one last chicken biscuit in Virginia before i left the southland for this yankee territory where there are no such things as chicken biscuits.

Ultra love.