Sunday, February 19, 2012

The New Year

my only new years resolution was to eat pizza ONLY once a week- aka, there must be 7 days in between the times I take a bite of that greasy delicious cheesy ranchy yumminess. torture.

other than being amazingly awe
some at this resolution, while spending most of my days dreaming about pizza, I have changed up my gym routine. last semester, i pretty much went to yoga every day of the week (well, i guess more like 6 days a week). I did this for a number of reasons.

1. i like yoga. duh.
2. the yale gym is dirty and smells like smelly people all the time.
3. sometimes, yoga people can be a little crazy and cause drama. i need LESS of that rather than more.

but, like any exercise routine, too much of the same thing means you stop seeing results. thus, i knew it was time for a little change up. the change up looks like this:

Monday: Run and/or gym. (sometimes I run with Luna, sometimes i run at the gym. sometimes when new years resolutioners are hogging all the equipment, i combine random bits of cardio) added to the run is weights. each week varies on what i have time to do.
Tuesday; yoga
Wednesday: Run and/or gym
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Run and/or gym
Saturday and Sunday: Yoga

At the gym, I am alternating between 3 main workouts.
1. LEGS! wooo woo.
2. circuits- i do this mainly when i do not have alot of time. i do biceps, triceps, pushups, shoulders, one leg squats and burpies. KILLER.
3. Upper body-- full round of upper body. gotta build those guns.

Though this update is short, at least it's an update. Take it or leave it. Oh and here is a picture of Luna!

Ultra love.