Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Haven = New Heaven

hello friends

i am safely tucked away in new haven, ct, where the weather is consistently in the 70s (high during the day, lower at night). we (my new roomie and i) do not have internet at our house yet (long, unimportant, and uninteresting story), but that will be fixed on saturday. right now i am at starbucks yoinking their internet. i meant to upload pics of the house and of the journey, but i forgot the thing to plug my memory card into my computer today. boooo. you will have to just wait.

our house is about 90 percent decorated. the last 10 will be finished soon. 8% today, and 2 % when the last 2 items arrive. i will post pics for your viewing pleasure.

as far as life goes- we really lucked out. Grace and i only got to see pictures of our place emailed from the land lady, and only got to see our neighborhood via google maps. turns out, our house is BEAUTIFUL and the neighborhood is safe and super friendly. the 2 best parts? our house is a (1) block and a half from the neighborhood dog park that (2) backs up to the divinity schoool. translation? i get to play with luna everymorning and school is only a 5 min ute walk away. AMAZING. we couldn't have a better place to live.

Luna and i have made lots of friends at the dog park. apparently, it is the best place to get to know the neighborhood. we met bill and seamus, karen and jessie, and a bunch of other ppl and puppies i cant remember. Luna get sufficient exercise from playing serious fetch, and then enjoys some "pack walking time" on the way home. she has been so great throughout the move- i am a proud mother.

My handsome and health conscious BF came to visit, and that made me happy. now he has mental pictures of everything i am talking about. oh, and i miss him already.

I found my new yoga studio today. It is a pretty nice studio. More details on that to come.

As soon as internet is readily available, i will try to give you a few good hard blogs:
1. the journey in Marge the Barge (the moving truck)
2. before and after pics of our home
3. the weird little quirks of our home
4. life at YDS

okayyyyyyy. must get back to using a power drill.

ultra love to all of my people- i miss you!

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