Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How long's it been?

To any Georgetown Hoya, the appropriate response to the questions is to begin singing our fight song... "It's been so long since last we met, lie down forever lie down!" Etc...

But for my blog people out there, the answer is over 6  months. Sorry folks.

Much has happened since Luna's injury.

I spend most of January and February rehabing my girl. First week- 5 min walk. Next week- 10 min walk. Third week- 15 minute walk. 4th week- add in 5 minutes of running. You get the idea.

We finally seemed to be totally healed and got the clear to play moderate fetch (hah- as if Luna is capable of this) but then I noticed she had this tumor type thing on her bad knee. the vet looked at it and said it was an inflammation spot. What does that mean? Well, it meant that we had to start rehab all over again. But really- we just had to stick with 10-15 minute walks until the spot was gone. We have an appointment next week, and I think we will get the clear to play again. Poor Luna- even dogs get injuries and have to rehab it up.

But Luna isn't the only injury prone Addington. I tore a disc in my back. It's the very last disc in my spine- between L5 and S1 for all you medical folks out there. I have no clue how it happened- I just noticed that my back was hurting more than it should have been and the pain wasn't going away. At first, my new back specialist thought it was a stress fracture or arthritis (what?!) but an MRI confirmed a disc tear. The pain is a result of my disc touching my nerves.

I opted for the trifecta attack on the pain- anti-imflammatories, physical therapy, and a steroid injection. (My handsome fiance wants me to do acupuncture... any thoughts?
So Luna and I have been PT buddies. My physical therapist informed me that my legs are disproportionately strong for the rest of my body. My body then defaults to using leg muscles when I should be using core muscles, thereby causing strain on my lower back. My PT thus includes crazy amounts of core strengthening exercises. Next entry will be a run down- they are pretty fun.

On top of that- I had to quit the yoga for about three months while we figured out what was wrong. I am back in the game though, but it is a totally different class when you have to spend the whole time focusing on tightening your lower abs. I also have to sit out all back bends and spine twists. My doc says I can probably do those again in about a YEAR. Yes, discs can take almost a YEAR to heal. Ugh.

In addition to all those things, I have been:
- aggressively wedding planning
-putting on 7 Youth in Government Conferences
- buying a house!!!
- taking 3 students to Colombia, South America for two weeks
- taking 25 students to a conference in North Carolina

and generally going a mile a minute. Perhaps I can get back on the blogging wagon- it might be therapeutic.

Ultra Love,



  1. I missed you. Sorry for all the injury trouble. I guess a "torn" disc is different from a "bulging" disc, because Bikram was the only thing that worked (besides time) to heal me from that.

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  3. Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google toolbar isn't working. I copy pasted it into another application and read the post;-)