Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What in the name of Merlin's saggy left.....?!?!

Just a funny Harry Potter quote to get the blogging started off right.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Day 1 of Ultra Awesomeness Training also included my first day back in the weight section since my surgery. My handsome and health conscious boyfriend insisted that I not get too excited on the first day. 

That is a very difficult thing to do when a lady is mad hype over her new life calling.

SO I had to figure out a way to make sure that I 
would be able to walk/get out of bed this morning. I opted for a full body weight lifting day to awaken ALL the sleeping muscles that has been taking a break and eating ice cream for 5 weeks. Full body workout + semi-light weights + extreme focus on form and working proper muscles = SUCCESS and SUCCESS= good soreness and the ability to half waddle around the office today.

Anyway, while the lunges from yesterday left me good sore but a little awkward (especially when people follow me back to my office for a meeting.... Lord knows they were wondering what was wrong with me), I certainly wasn'
t too sore for some spin class. WOO HOO!

Spinning is my personal favorite cross training activity.  It is an hour of a$$ kicking, sweat producing fun. Word of advice to hooligans looking to get into spinning: your butt will hurt for about the first 2 weeks. It goes away- I promise. As your body adjusts (side note- definitely just CRIED while watching clean house- totally touching moment where a dad gave up his RV to help his family. really- it was super emotional) to the workout, you will get sucked in. So give spinning a chance before you decide to hate it when your butt hurts.

Todays class was what Laurie has dubbed "intervals." T
he songs alternate between hill songs (where the tension is up pretty high) and interval songs (where you alternate between fast spring and quick pace on lower resistance- 20 seconds on 20 seconds off). Very high calorie burning workout. LOVE IT. 

Today's Menu: 
Bfast: Scrambled eggs (Nate style: two egg whites and one full egg), one Kashi waffle with sugar free syrup.
Lunch: Vegetable soup, carrots, pita and hummus, apple.
Dinner: Whole Wheat pasta with ground turkey meat sauce. green beans.

I am currently working on my training calendar so that I can slowly build up my general mileage and barefoot running mileage at the same time. I have to personalize my training schedule so the reveal of that will be in a little while. Be patient, young thumper.

Your barefoot running education for the day, for all you visual learners out there.... COUGH martha COUGH....


Luna's favorite game of the day: "Chase me! I have an acorn!"
This game happens when I try to let Luna inside after she has been out for a while. She runs up to the door, looks at me, wags her tail, pics up an acorn from the ground, and then pony/kangaroo/cheetah leaps away to try and get me to chase her. I just close the door and come back later.... only to see her disappointed face that mommy sucks and won't play.

Ultra love

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