Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stay Calm and Assertive.... Right

These are the wise words of Caesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Usually Caesar helps me in my quest to be a good mother to my 9 month old lab, Luna, but today, I wanted to tell Caesar where he can shove his calm and assertive energy.

Luna was terrible on our run today. Terrible. She pulled the whole way and would not run with her mother. Midway through our run, I alpha dogged (basically hold her on the ground until she is calm) her and took a few seconds to think about what was going on with my normally perfect angel puppy.

It all goes back to the evil woman who called the office this morning. I could write her entire story here, but she doesn't even deserve that. Basically, because she didn't pay her bill and didn't listen to what the Customer Service Rep told her to do, it was all my fault that her lights were getting cut off. Needless to say, her BAttitude (read; Bad Attitude) frustrated me because I worked on her case for about 3 hours this morning.

A lunch time quip with someone else didn't help matters much, and by the time I came home for my 4 mile run, my mental state was a hot mess. Caesar would have told me that I was unstable. And then I would have punched him. I'll show you unstable, Dog Whisperbutthole.

ANYWAY, the actual running part went well. Yet again, NO KNEE PAIN! That's really saying something after 4 miles. While my upper body was tense from stressing about Luna being terrible, my legs actually were relaxing into the new stride. I kept repeating to myself- back straight, knees bent, relax (impossible with Luna being terrible), forget landing on your heels. The more you run, the more natural and easy the stride feels. UNTIL you get tired at the end, as I did today. The last mile or so I began to feel a little drained, and it was only natural that my body would try to slip back into its old "heel toe" from. (side note, Luna is being ridiculous and I am losing my calm assertiveness AGAIN. stress. Also this dude on SYTYCD is stressing me out. calm down, ginger, and quit drinking red bulls) I really had to focus at the end of my run to maintain good form.

Today was just a running day because my legs are sore from the burst of exercise that started this week.

Confession: Luna pooped on the run, and I didn't clean it up. Forgot the poop bags. Don't judge.

Todays Menu:
Breakfast: Eggs (Nate style) and one kashi waffle
Lunch: Leftover whole wheat pasta with turkey mean sauce. 100 calorie pack of cookies.
Snack: 1/2 cup of YUMMMYYYYYYYY trail mix
Dinner: Sekisui (20th anniversary, what what!) salad, soup, red birds roll.

Today's Barefoot running education:
a "How-To" from Barefoot Ken Bob. Please note the most repeated part of this "How-To" that was relatively impossible for me today.

Luna doesn't get a favorite today because I am mad at her.

Off to Sekisui with daddy and cymp. Back home to watch GLEE. Hopefully getting a good night's sleep and letting going of today's drama. The run did help a little bit, but this stressful ginger kid on SYTYCD keeps showing up. He is not helping matters.

Ultra love.

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