Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Grandeur of the Seas

So, two weeks ago i went on a cruise with my handsome and health conscious boyfriend. See his angelic face below. (My photography friends with be proud of that sun spot/sun flare)

So this cruise was chartered by a bunch of Ohio State Fans who wore red Ohio State gear the ENTIRE cruise. Every single day. I kid you not. The boat was pretty sweet. You can see the center deck below.
The first day out we stopped in Key West- you can see the whole gang below. What a crew.
Then my BF and the band played at Sloppy Joes. Nate did such a good job. Way to go Nate. You look good.

To the exercise portion of this post. There was a pretty small gym on the boat. It had about 8 treadmills, a few elipticals, and some outdated weight machines. One day i ran 6 miles and the other i ran about 3. The thing about running on a boat is that as the boat moves back and forth, the treadmill inclines goes up and down. This was kind tricky and made for a pretty intense workout. I also had to take some sea sickness medicine because the boat was super rocky one night. FYI- sea sickness medicine makes you pretty tired. It made it alot more difficult to run and feel good while running. Another time, i was going to go running, but decided to take a nap instead. goooooood choice! :)

The rest of my "exercise" included walking on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. See the evidence below.... HA!

Nate looks pretty next to the tender boat that was taking us back to our big boat from the beach in Mexico.
Once back on the boat, the last night Nate played two shows. And, again, he did a good job. He looks super cool here.
Reasons why i love cruises, and particularly this one:
1. Naps. I love naps and nate let me take MILLIONS of them!
2. Midnight conversations in a steaming hot tub with the cold night air blowing across the deck.
3. Working out with my boo.
4. Walking along the beach in Mexico, holding hands.
5. My new J. Crew swimsuit
6. Towel animals made the the cruise crew
7. Old people doing cheesy line dances
8. 11:30pm free buffets
9. Endless food
10. The solarium
11. Watching the sunset or watching the sky after the sun has set with my favorite person on the front deck of the boat
12. Key lime pie
13. relaxation and happiness
14. good music
15. good people

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  1. I like this post... :)

    Let's all go cruising together! Too bad you might be a little further away from Memphis soon...