Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I started writing this post a few days ago (monday), and I was going to tell you about how I work through the hardest parts of running. I was going to give you my bits of advice on what to do with pain, lack of drive, etc. It was going to be really funny, and I was going to use this line about how everything I have to say here is just from my own experience and not approved by the AMA, FDA, NRA, PDA, or any other of those acronyms. I am so clever.....

Well forget all that. Tonight, I was on the elliptical and started reading, Racing Weight.


The intro to this book is KILLER. This is what you can expect in coming blogs, other than reports on my upcoming runs (and the fact that I hurt my foot over the past weekend and have been resting it. yuck. hoping its not a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis)....

1. An assessment of what my "optimum performance weight" is. This is part one of the book.
2. An assessment of what I need to change in my nutritional and workout habits to achieve this. This is part two.
3. Exactly HOW I plan to change. (Part 3)

So the book begins by talking about weight as it relates to endurance athletes. For athletes, losing weight isnt about "looking good" -- it's about reaching the perfect muscle to fat ratio that gets you to your optimum performance weight. It talks about all the ways that body fat percentage affects performance etc and how to effectively and safely get your body to that point over a 12 to 24 month time period.

THEN it goes through the typical body compositions of different endurance athletes: CC skiers, swimmers, triathletes, runners, rowers... it's so awesome. oddly enough, my body shape fits most with a runner. who would have thought- runners have smaller upper bodies with more built legs. aka- me. I THINK IT'S A SIGN FROM GOD.

i cant wait to get a little further into this book. really, people, it's gonna be great. don't worry- i will share all my new knowledge with you. get ready.

ultra love.

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