Friday, May 28, 2010

vacation musings

i am on vacation. it had been everything a vacation should be:



filled with DELICIOUS food.

romantic (see: late night walks on the beach)

Here is a recap of things that are going on, that you should care about:

i have a fairly nice tan with a few splotches of burn (totally normal for my PALE skin)

my brother is being a jerk and demanded my dad fly him home ($700 plane ticket) because he has a FEVER BLISTER on his lip and is in SO MUCH pain he just CANT stay at the beach with the family where he has FREE meals, FREE home cookin, neverending TV, and uninhibited access to prescription meds. (please note, my dad did NOT fly him home, he has been moping on the couch the whole time, giving everyone the silent/grunt treatment) Oh and he is 21 years old...... my thoughts exactly.

my handsome and health conscious boyfriend, my dad, and I have gone to the gym every day we have been here. The ppl at Gold's Gym look at us like we are nuts for going to the gym on vacation. the first day we went, i just happened to show up at the right time for body pump. body pump is an hour class with a bar bell and weights. you work every major muscle group. it was hard core and really fun. myabe i should scratch hard core. there were definitely some ladies in the room who were pansies- TERRIBLE form, minimal weight. i dont have time for you people. ANYWAY- the lady teaching the class was a toothpick and had just had a baby 7 weeks prior. beastttttttt. love it!!!! it was a great class- i loved the squat song (you work every muscle group for a song- squats, lunges, power cleans, back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, abs) and i found out that my shoulders are pretty weak. the other days have been filled with cardio and minor weight lifting. yesterday i had to squat because there were some boys in there who thought they were all that and a bag of chips squatting with just one 45lb plate on each side AND they were on the machine where the bar is attached to the machine. so i went on the squat rack where REAL people squat and slapped on my 45 lb plates as they did abs behind me. HA- showed them.

we go on multiple hour long walks a day on the beach. makes me wish i could have brought luna....... this is good for "working out" and fun time to spend with my family. also, the beach house we rented is 3 stories and full of stairs. stairs= stairmaster.

my bf and i saw dolphins yesterday.

i fell down the stairs 2 nights ago. i only hurt my feet (thank goodness) but am feeling the aftermath of this after walking yesterday and going to the gym and going to the outlet malls. ouch.

my handsome and health conscious boyfriend has decided to run a 5k (and maybe a 10k someday). Since my man is not a runner and has vehemently refused to run with me any time i ask, this is a big effing deal. I cannot express how excited I am to be able to go out on a run someday with luna and nate at the same time! It is one of those running daydream fantasies i have always had......

there is more, but the beach is calling and my family is waking up finally.

to my friends at home reading this, i miss you and will see you tomorrow!!

ultra love

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