Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And I'm BACK in the game!

please pardon my long absence, I was busy writing final papers, graduating from Yale Divinity School,

 moving to Nashville, securing a job, and then taking some time out on the beach.

The beach was fabulous, obviously. But what was even more fabulous about this time was that my handsome man and I took the time to go on beach runs pretty much everyday. I should qualify this statement with the public service announcement that I HATE SAND. I especially HATE SAND IN MY SHOES. (Or in bodily orifices slash skin folds) Therefore, we ran barefoot, which was what the cool kids would have us do anyway. My feet got tired at points (come to think of it, my legs did too), but it still was exhilarating.

The best part was on one of our last runs, I got very angry at something my handsome man said (cant remember now, but that's the way it goes, eh?) and, demonstrating my abounding maturity, I just took off, running faster than he could. Y'all, I kicked into some gear I never knew existed. It felt like I was running in a magic land of sparkle puppies and rainbows raining peanut butter M&Ms. I have never felt that way on a run before- I guess you could call it the runner's high gear. I wish that I could find it again- maybe I will someday. I probably just need to make my dude come on runs with me and push his buttons til I get mad again. I see this as being a very logical and intelligent idea.

After getting back from the beach, I started my new job. My new job has superb benefits, one of them being a membership to ALL THE NASHVILLE YMCA's. If you don't drop your jaw at this, then the Y's in your city are not nearly as FABULOUS as Nashville's. Since being here, I have jumped back into the spinning saddle. Though my butt bones are still not 100% used to the abuse, I am SO HAPPY. I get to spin on my lunch break, and I am starting to think that I will need to go to class Monday through Friday, not just M/W/F...

As a part of my job, I went to a conference in Black Mountain, NC. Besides running every day (and not seeing any bears- thank you sweet baby Jesus), we went on a hike one morning. I hiked SLASH FREAKING ROCK CLIMBED from that red roof in the background.
 (On a side note- rock climbing is NOT my thing. I have midge hands and toe-thumbs that aren't very reliable. Thus, using my hands as a main source of power is not on my list of intelligent things to do (unlike my idea of how to get back to my runners high)-- however, since I wasn't warned of the rock scaling that was at the top of this hike, I went on it anyway. Somehow I managed to get to the top. thank you sweet baby Jesus)

Besides all that exercising I've been doing, I am still practicing yoga. On Saturday I had the BEST CLASS EVER. there is a new teacher here in Nashville, and he is FOR REAL. I will do a post on his classes soon after I have taken a few more.

Get excited- now that I am no longer in school, I will be able to post some more. YEAH!

Also, Luna is doing just fine. We play fetch everyday and she has gotten to go on some great trail runs. Happy Luna= Happy me.

Ultra love,



  1. SQUEEE!!! So glad to see you back blogging. I have missed you. Are you still doing Bikram?

    I've read before that at the end of a race you should think of something that makes you absolutely livid, because it will tap into energy stores you never knew you had.

    And, for the record, rock climbing is actually supposed to be done mostly with your leg strength -- which is why women are often better at it than men (who tend to rely on their strong upper bodies as is habit). Tell that to the Handsome Man and maybe he'll be sprinting ahead.

  2. YOU'RE BACK!! I'm pumped. That runner's high gear does feel like M&Ms.

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  4. Hey welcome back:)......good to see you again...im also doing yoga...and wanna get intructions from you..you are a great school in youself...keep it up dear:)
    I am watching Health tips . Its interesting and informatic..