Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There is a new yoga man in town, and he is the $hit.

Tu came to my yoga studio a couple weeks ago. I have had his class 4 times since then. In the past four classes I have made more progress that in the whole past year. Something about this dude, he just pushes me in the best way possible. I freakin love it.

The first class, I was kinda feelin out what kind of a teacher he was. You know, everyone always does this. Oh a new instructor, I don't have to work hard. I can just go easy on myself because he doesn't really know what I can do. WRONG, LADY. Second set of half moon, Tu says to me

"Elise, don't let procrastination become a part of your practice."

Well, $hit.


At that point I knew that this class was going to be no joke. And they are as serious as a serious person would be serious. What I like most about Tu is the way that he does the dialogue. Instead of just saying everything, word for word, he picks a different person for each pose and uses them to talk through the posture. For example, with me in standing head to knee:

"Okay Miss Addington, lock your knee more. Kick out with your standing leg. Don't lose focus. *** I fall out of the posture** Miss Addington you want to end the posture pushing your hardest, not going easy on yourself."

He really knows how to give you the corrections that you can actually fix. He pushes you to a level that you can handle, and he demands that you don't wimp out. I am just wiped at the end of his class. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. like really.

To close, I want to share the way that he does the dialogue for the breathing exercise at the beginning. He snaps when you are supposed to change from inhale to exhale, but stretches one hand up to the sky. Its amazing.

Someone come to visit me and take his class. FO REAL.

Ultra love,



  1. Elise!!! In class last week, my bikram instructor had everyone get out of their pose and look at my boat pose. I almost died. And I don't like when the instructors acknowledge your individual personhood, so I wouldn't like Tu.

    I'd like to come visit. I miss you.

  2. Don't you LOVE it when you get a teacher that really motivates you? Lately, I've been getting one who is very focused on getting everyone into savasana. THREE TWO ONE SAVANSANA!

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