Saturday, November 3, 2012


Good news, y'all.

I'm getting hitched!

A couple weeks ago, my handsome man planned a romantic evening and changed his status from "boyfriend" to "Beyonce", I mean, "fiance."

This is why I heart him so much:

And this is how exited we are about getting married. 

I don't think this will become a wedding blog, but if I post some wedding related things, forgive me.

Also- In the Episcopal church, the couple responds with "I Will" instead of "I do." My personal favorite part of the whole service (makes me cry every time) is when the congregation is asked if they will love and support the couple, and they reply "We Will!" So beautiful. I am more excited about planning the service than flowers and table decorations, but I am fortunate to have bridesmaids who are good at the latter. They make me feel like I can do those kinds of fancy-crafty things. SO MUCH LOVE EVERYWHERE.




  1. You know this is my favorite post ever. So excited for you, girrrrlll.

  2. Hooray! Marriage is fantastic. Happy News!

  3. This is such a cute blog.. Congratz by the way :')