Thursday, October 1, 2009

Separation Anxiety

This weekend, I am going to see my cousin's play in Louisiana. Ellen will also be out of town, so Luna needs a baby sitter. Enter, my dear sweet mother and Luna's grandma.

I told my mommy that this weekend of puppy-sitting Luna is her one shot at proving she will be a good Grandma when I have babies many years from now. The pressure is on. Good luck, mamma. 

Moral of the story is that dropping the Lu off at Mom's house was a little difficult. I didn't want to leave. Mom had to tell me it would be okay a few times. I am not sure how I will sleep in an hour without putting her to bed. STRUGGLES.

Fortunately, I had a good day at the gym. Today was another cross training day- AKA spinning! I know this may sound slightly ridiculous, but even after only two runs using the new stride, the muscles in my legs are more awake (I don't know if that's even the best way to describe that but whatevs- deal) and the workout feels so much more intensified.  

In spin class today, we did hills. Laurie models this workout on an actual set of two hills she bikes on. One is slightly more steep than the other, and we go over the hills, then back, then over, then back. 4 sets of two hills. Each hill is two songs long, and there is a 2 minute sprint at the end of each hill (like you are going downhill, get it?). I love hills. They are my fav!

Also, there is a strange phenomenon that goes on in a spin class. I like to call it "I-hate-that-song-in-real-life-but-MAN-it's-great-to-spin-to." Some examples of this:
1. Pink- "So What"
2. Nickel Back (yes, I'm sorry)- "Gotta Be Somebody"
3. Zac Brown Band (sorry again)- "Chicken Fried" (side note- I find it a little bizarre when country songs mention beer, chicken fried (I don't even know what the hell that is. I know what fried chicken is. DUH) and our troops/veterans in the same verse/chorus combo. Just weird- ya know?)

At some point, I will do a full blog post on stuff you should know when entering a spin class for the first time. But that will be later.

After spinning, I went again for a semi-full body weight lifting workout to continue to ease back into lifting. If you are looking for two exercises to get almost every upper body muscle- do this.
ProForm Assisted Pull Up Dip Station Power Tower PFBE1716
the assisted pull-up/dip machine 
(please note, you will look like this girl if you do these. yes, you will even spontaneously bust out this pose in public. AWESOME)

1. pull-ups: they work your back and your biceps (your chest and shoulders are secondary muscles as well). do three sets of 12- making sure that you extend your arms all the way after you pull up. Most of the time with other exercises you do not want to fully extend your arms, but in this case, particularly on the assisted machine, the full extension will work more muscles in your back. Don't wimp out on these- if you don't maintain your form, you might as well not even do this stuff anyway.

2. dips: they work your chest and triceps (your shoulders and back are secondary muscles) again, three sets of 12. here you want to focus on the bend at your elbow. Bending too little means you aren't working an muscles. Bending too much means you can over extend and stress your shoulders slash elbows. Go for a solid 90 degree angle or a little more obtuse.  Pause with your elbows bent, and, when you push up, do not lock your elbows. This ensures that your muscles are fully engaged at all times. 

These two little exercises are great if you are limited on time or just want to do a simple addition to some cardio for great muscle tone and strength building.

Today's menu: 
Breakfast: (at the Federal Reserve Bank of Memphis) eggs, hashbrowns, biscuit, fruit, one small sausage link (couldn't resist... AHHHH)
Lunch: (courtesy of Calvary downtown table fellowship) salad, potato soup, baked catfish, YUMMY rolls, and pecan pie.
Dinner: Leftover whole wheat pasta and turkey meat sauce (again, still delicious though) 

Luna's favorite game of the day: Stare at the kitty.
When Luna met my Mom's cats, Abby and Abner (also known as Tiny and the Doo-- yes thats short for DooDoo). She didn't really know what to do, so she just stared at them. Funny Lu.

Tomorrow is my day off, but Saturday I will be running with my Aunt Anita, who is the coolest ever. Be jealy.

Ultra love.

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