Monday, February 8, 2010

do the 12

while there are only a select few who will understand the significance of this title, the rest of you can just translate it into exactly what you think it means. i ran 12 miles.

sunday after church, i took a 3o minute nap and was OH-SO-CLOSE to just going back to sleep until super bowl festivities began at three. somewhere, i found the motivation to get up, get dressed, eat lunch, and get luna ready to go my dad's house.

i chose to run at my dad's house for two reasons.
1. it isnt muddy on sidewalks
2. i could run with 2 dogs and have companionship the whole run.

how i did it:
before i ran, i mapped out a 6 mile course in my car (it was actually .1 mile less than six so at the end i added one extra loop). then i saddled luna up and hit the pavement. after the first 6 mile loop, i dropped luna off and picked up winston, my dad's golden retriever.

while the last two miles were certainly the most challenging, as it seems to be almost every long run, this run was not particularly difficult. it was very helpful to have a dog running with me the whole time. luna was a perfect angel, and winston was a perfect gentleman. i listened to my ipod shuffle-- DISCOVERY! TLC's "No Scrubs" has the perfect running beat. i probably listened to it about 5 times.

not much else to report. 12 miles down. this coming week is just an 8 miler, but next weekend is 14. longest i have ever run. woo woo.

now i will leave you with a video that shows off both luna's and my running skills....

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  1. Hi..I found your blog a while back and think we actually live close by each other..Anyway, I was reading your blog about the pizza bites and in the background (i think) looks like Luna's bed? I have a yellow lab also and was looking for a cute bed w/ the bolster on it. I would love to find out where you may have found it if you didn't mind sharing the info..anyway my email is pkristenedwards at gmail dot com..Thanks, Kristen ( I swear I am not a crazy stalker..just a blog stalker!)