Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh the weather outside was frightful, but my runnin shoes are so delightful

my previous post let you know that Friday was a BOMB in terms of keeping to my marathon training.

saturday= success! luna and i ventured out into the SNOW to run 6 miles.

*** makes you close your mouth that dropped open in surprise***

yes, luna and i ran in the SNOW. here's the thing, the there is a trail(ish) behin
d out house that is 3 miles to the end and back. therefore, cue math geniuses, we ran the trail twice. but elise, what about all the snow and ice?!?!?! well friends, the sidewalks were super slick, but the trail was just snow slush. this equals good for running. though i have a few thoughts on snow running. maybe it's just one thought- snow running is slightly less hard than sand running, but on a similar level. ponder that.

sunday = two fifths (ish) fail. i was supposed to run 10 miles, but this did not happen. I had to finish some grad school apps (which are completely done, yeah!) and only had an hour to run. thus, luna and i had a nice 4 or 5 mile run (not really sure how long it is). the snow had melted enough on sunday that the roads/sidewalks were about 95% runnable. see pictures of our running gear below.

mother and daughter getting ready to roll.
luna in her jacket. it has her name monogrammed on the butt. spoiled, i know.
fyi- the thing on her face is a gentle leader, not a muzzle.

Monday= success! since i did not get the ten miles in on sunday, i knew i had to do it on monday. running ten miles on monday means that it has to be run indoors (safety, remember?).

lesson learned from monday's 10 mile run. running is 10 percent physical, 90 percent mental. the truly difficult thing about running is TO KEEP GOING. there are so many times you want to stop, but you have to play mental games with yourself.

here is how i did it.
Miles 1-4: Treadmill. Every two minutes i increased my speed by .1 and then reduced it by .1 to make a pyramid of speed. example.......
time 0 min, 6.0
time 2 min, 6.1,
time 4 min, 6.2
time 6 min, 6.1
time 8 min, 6.0
the next ten minutes went from 6.1 to 6.3.... you get the picture.
Miles 4-8: Track. every fourth rotation, i would sprint(ish.... mostly just speed up a little).
Miles 9-10: Treadmill. changed speed every one minute.

Here is the mindgame part about running inside:
1. it is easy to get bored on the treadmill, and it is also easy for your knees/legs to start hurting because your terrain never changes. by changing up the speed every few minutes, you keep yourself interested and not as focused on how much you want to stop.
2. it is easy to just walk. while running the track (around miles 7 and 8) my legs started getting tired. by counting my laps very well (imagine, me repeating the lap i was on over and over and over again each time around), i managed to keep convincing myself that is was only a little further.
3. it is easy to just stop. miles 9 and 10 were pretty physically challenging. i dont know how i made it through those miles. the treadmill kind of hurts at the end, but i knew that i had to finish. dont let yourself stop til you reach your goal. i like rewards- like ice cream for dessert (only a little bit, mind you) .

so i did it. i ran ten miles inside and topped it off with 150 crunches. all in all, still on track to run a marathon. week 1 of 13 = OVER! yay. way to go me. way to go luna.

ultra love.

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