Sunday, April 4, 2010

One of those days.

Saturday's mileage for my marathon training schedule: 22 miles.

I had decided to do 24 because it was just mathematically easier. The trail is six miles so 4 times 6 equals 24. I had thought about going out to Shelby Forrest, but a few things changed that plan. The first was this sweet little creature:

Her name is Ginny (Like Ginny Weasley), and she is my mom's new puppy. Ellen and I went to meet Ginny on Friday night. We got out there late because we ate a late dinner with my dad. Anyway, we played with sweet Ginny for a while. She is an angel- half golden retriever and half yellow lab.

Since I went to bed late, I woke up a little late. This meant that in order for me to make it to my 3:45 hair appointment (which was SOOO necessary. I was getting a little wild), I had to go to shelby farms since it isn't 30 plus minutes away.

On to the run--- I woke up at about 8:30. Now, I will not lie to you, faithful readers. During my 30 minute snooze time, I had a very detailed conversation with myself. It went a little something like this:

Self: maybe i can just run tomorrow after church
Self: but you dont know what time you are eating with your family. there might not be time.
Self: but who really cares? no one will know if you dont run.
Self: THE WHOLE BLOG WORLD WILL KNOW. (side note- i love dark chocolate m&ms)
Self: the whole blog world can.......... okay but it's so comfortable in my bed.
Self: get up. you can do it.

Somehow I managed to get out of bed. Still not sure how i convince myself of certain things when I am half asleep. Anyway, I ate the breakfast of champions: cheerios (no milk) and applesauce and a mini cliff bar. (another side note- ellen is super impatient with this episode of ghost whisperer- i cried for about 30 minutes straight watching it) -- anyway- this was all that I had to eat because, well, I am poor right now. saving my pennies and all.

After I ate, I got my "stash" together:

Pictured: Cliff bar, blue frost gatorade, water, Gu, apple, cheerios, water, and dark chocolate m&ms. I also got my pre-game pep talk from my favorite cheerleader:

Then I hit the road.

One thing you must know, dear readers, is that it stormed late friday night. I was a little worried it would be muddy, and I was also worried that my foot wouldn't hold up for the 24 miles. But, off I ran, all fears aside.

Fortunately, they finished the "facelift" at the start of the trail. I will say that it has made this part much less muddy. Good thing. As I was running, I started to settle into my pace. It felt fantastic after a week of "taking it easy" -- The trail was wet, but not gross muddy. I got a real life tutorial on how to judge the "muddiness" -- packed trails dont get muddy right away. but if the mud is smooth on the surface and it looks like you want to touch it- it's squishy mud. Squishy mud makes you lose your footing and then sticks to the bottom and sides of your shoes. Squishy mud is bad.

Anyway, the run was feeling perfect. Perfect temp- perfect pace. I had even remembered sun screen that morning. And then I stepped in a puddle. The puddle was hidden by some grass and such. But the thing is, that when i stopped running, the pain started. The pain shot through the arch of my foot, and I knew I was down for the count.

I walked the last two miles. It was so embarrassing- I effing walked. ugh. I just felt miserable walking those last two miles. I was going to run 24 miles, and I only made it 4.

That was the end of my run. I went home and cleaned up Luna's poop in the backyard. That dog poops alot.

At this point, i don't really know what is wrong. A few of my dad's friends ruled out stress fracture and plantar fasciitis- which is good. But i guess i just have to rest it and see what happens. Updates to come.

Stoopid foot. Stoopid doodoo dumb.

Oh yeah, and dumb Duke won.

Ultra love.

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