Thursday, April 15, 2010

my worst nightmares

I have had three terrible nightmares (or, as my handsome and health conscious boyfriend calls them, evening horses. think. laugh. there you go) the past few nights.

1. the first was less a scary night mare but more of an excuse for continuing to hit the snooze button repeatedly in the morning. see, i watch the show, Ghost Whisperer, religiously.And well, this is gonna sound complicated BUT Melinda's husband, Jim, dies, and then his spirit takes over the body of a different recently deceased person whose spirit successfully and quickly crossed over into the light (thats why it all worked, ya see, the body was pretty fresh, if you will). Anyway, once Jim took over Sam's (the other dude) body, he couldnt remember ANYTHING. Like amnesia- except this was all weird and ghostly.In my dream, I had to stay asleep or else Sam wouldn't be able to figure out he was really Jim, but in a new body. The dream made me really on edge because there was SO much at stake here. I HAD to make sure Sam figured everything out.

2. I had a dream that I found out why my foot was injured. The real reason. And it was not a good one.

The doctor told me that my right stride was 9.5 inches longer than my left stride, and this caused an undue burden on my left foot. He then told me this wasn't something I could fix because it was my natural stride. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

3. My third and final nightmare/eveninghorse was this morning when I dreamed that I was at the start of the marathon but had FORGOTTEN to go to the Brooks VIP porta potty. It was terrible. Really. I have been looking forward to this thing for months, even though i just got my potty pass last weekend.
Tonight I am going to a Birthday Party at Pump It Up, so I will probably have night mares about blow up clowns chasing me for 26. 2 miles while I try to get these weird flag things that Ellen keeps telling me about.

Stay Sane.

Ultra love.

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