Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ugh, i guess you people need an update

so, in case you don't remember, though i can't see how you wouldn't remember since it's the biggest f-in deal in the whole f-in world---- i have an injured foot.

AND in case you people can't tell, that doesn't make for any exciting blog material, since, well this f-in blog is about f-in running.

what have i been up to, you ask? well. not running, that's for damn sure.

I have been stuck on stoopid elliptical machines. I continue to spin (if i didn't have spinning, i would lose my mind), but let's be honest, it isn't running. i don't get to feel the wind on my cheeks, run the hidden pine trails of the forest, hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, or ask the grinning bobcat why he grins. i don't' get to sing with all the voices of me mountain or paint with all the colors of the wind....... eh, sorry bout that. trip down Disney lane there. inevitable, really.

the only good news in all this crap-o-la is that my foot hasn't hurt in a few days. whoop dee freakin doo.

in an effort to help myself help others---- i mean, really just help myself---- i bought a new pair of running shoes with arch supports. before i tell you THAT story you need the back story. see, i have a friend who is a physical therapist and my dad has friends who are doctors. both peoples said- you don't have a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis, but you will if you don't support your arch. SO i listened to them, even though all the barefoot people tell you you don't need that stuff. well, i think you don't need that stuff if your feet are strong. apparently, mine are not. i need to work on that.

the shoe story: i went to fleet feet Brentwood in Nashville for my new pair of Brooks running shoes. there is a very specific reason that i went to this store and bought a pair of Brooks shoes......

before your imagination drifts off wondering if, indeed, i managed to secure this oft-desired vip potty pass and the questionable methods to which i went to obtain said pass---- please know that i got it fair and square by purchasing my pair of shoes.

The dude who helped me was a rando friend of my handsome and health conscious boyfriend from way back during the college years. He listened to my babbling, looked at me walk barefoot, put me in shoes, watched me run (said i have a perfect gait- what what!- i was actually nervous running for someone else, wondering if i run sideways like luna or something-- thankfully he boosted my confidence), and fitted me for arch supports.

i used them at the gym the next day (on the freaking elliptical, vom) and was pleased with the results slash the way my feet felt post workout. at this point, i am still resting my foot from running, but advancing to some weightlifting.

which brings me to tonights story- i was squatting tonight before spinning. my former trainer (james) was working with these boys- very obviously in high school with their scrawny bodies and baby faces. i went on my merry way, squatting a gentle 165. after wards, i stopped to talk to james. he said that as i added on the pounds, the two high school boys turned to him and said, "um can she lift that?" -- at this point i only had 25 pounds on each side-- and james said to them, "y'all just watch." these boys were impressed by my squatting skills, thinking each time that there was no way i could lift that weight, and apparently have an intense leg workout scheduled for thursday since neither of them can squat more than 95 pounds.

though it is no magnificent feat to squat more than a 17 year old boy who looks like i could break his arm with one swift scissor kick, it is an amusing story to me.

that's all i have for you. the marathon is swiftly approaching.it's gonna be a huge challenge, but i can't wait to say that i have run 26.2 miles. the tshirt better be good, and i better get something cool to commemorate my magical experience in the VIP potty....

i leave you with dreams of an air conditioned porta potty with puppies and flowers and butterflies.... and a marathon run without a painful foot.

ultra love

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