Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the secret to success

I have discovered the secret to bikram yoga.

Proper hydration.

Yes. Just drinking water.

I find that when i have been hydrating well all day, my classes are so much better. I can make it through all of the poses without sitting down or getting light headed or feeling like im going to vom. On Sunday night I had a full glass of water before bed. I had a glass with breakfast and then 5 more glasses throughout the day. Yoga on monday was my best class yet.

AND, i made progress. Yes, actual tangible progress. There is one standing pose called "the eagle"-- it has some fancy name in another language but i don't care about that. all i care about is that i made progress. Please, look at pictures of the pose below.

This first picture gives you a general idea of the pose, but her hands are actually supposed to be pulled so that the finger tips are beneath the nose. SO- look at the picture below, i know its small, but you get the idea.
And my progress? Well, you see how your leg is supposed to hook back around behind the other one? I couldn't hook my legs around at first. I basically just crossed one leg over the other and did everything else.

ON MONDAY I GOT MY LEFT LEG TO HOOK BACK AROUND! Some of you negative nancys may say- "what? just your left leg, not both?"

Well i say to you- for someone who cant even touch her toes, this is a BFD. big freakin deal. I almost exclaimed in excitement during class which is totally not allowed because you cant talk during class.

I am so proud of myself- i can't even explain to all my lovely readers. It makes me feel like the few classes of heat and sweat and smell have paid off. Before you crazy kids know it, i will be able to touch my toes. Watch out.

Ultra love.

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