Thursday, June 17, 2010

what does it all mean, basil?

so, i've been thinking. about this whole "yoga" thing.

sometimes, during class, when they talk about how yoga can help people manage addictions or release toxins or balance your life, i want to scream at them that they are spewing bullshit.

but then, the other night, i had a particularly stressful night, and all i wanted was to go to yoga class to sweat it out. to meditate for just a little over an hour and a half. to center myself and regain a little pep in my step..

where those thoughts came from, i dont know. maybe i AM buying into the whole schpeel after all. maybe i am on the verge to being addicted.

(side note- i couldnt actually go to the class i was craving because i got a terrible headache. headache plus heat = no thanks, boss)

BUT on MONDAY- i made more progress.
1. i got my other leg wrapped around. YES both of them. WOO HOO. party time- excellent!
2. i made progress in the head to knee pose- see below. i got this from some website. i think this picture is kinda creepy, but it was the only picture i could find to show you what "head to knee pose" means.
My progress? well for about half a second i got my knees locked. but i was so surprised that this happened that i promptly pulled them out. this sudden movement was a little painful so i didnt push them back down. but hey, they were locked. and that IS progress.

in bikram yoga, it really is the little things. you make slow incremental progress in your ability to do this poses. and i guess you make slow incremental progress to sanity or at least closer to some sense of stability. this yoga teaches patience and metal toughness. more like you are forced into those things because thats what it takes to make it through an hour and a half of heat and pain and fantastic stretching.

that's all folks.

ultra love

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