Monday, October 4, 2010

Miss Manners

Greetings! I am blogging from my new smart phone. Impressive, eh? Well this past weekend i got to visit my handsome and health conscious boyfriend in nashville, and we went to the gym (it is the glue that holds us together). See at school, i have been going to yoga about 6 days a week, so i havent been lifting at all. Thus, man-friend and i lifted together! We had just sat down on an incline bench to do some incline presses when dude comes up to us and asks to work in with us.

For those of you in blogland who arent hip to gym lingo, this basically means sharing, rotating sets. This was weird for multiple reasons:
1. There were already 2 of us using this one bench.
2. There were 2 other open incline benches 10 ft away ( dude used some excuse about his lower back, but i say if you cant carry the weight you shouldnt be lifting it. Duh)
3. Some teenager was just resting his weights on the toher other other incline bench. (3 other options and dude asks to work in on the bech 2 ppl are using. Weird)

Fortunately, the kid moved his weights for the dude who ened up asking my boyfriend to spot him. He then proceeded to tell us his enitre life story slash wight lifting saga. Really. Dude. Stop. Thus, i give you some helpful gym etiquette:
1. There is rarely any need to talk to someone who looks even remotely into what they are doing. Just leave people be.
2. Be aware if you are taking up needed space.
3. Save others from weirdos if you can.
4. Try not to smell too bad.

Also, in honor of my weekend of bliss, i leave you with a list of things a person would miss if they just so happened to be living among and surrounded by VEGETARIANS (Gasp!) -
1. Hamburgers
2. Hotdogs
3. Bbq
4. Chicken salad
5. Good sushi
6. Bacon (bacon is good for me!)
7. Cupcakes
Okay so vegetarians eat cupcakes but i havent had any in new haven. And i got to eat all of these things this weekend. The picture you see somewhere in this post is my man with our burgers. Love. True love, people.

Oh and i got to see Vince Gill in concert.

I am a happy happy girl.

Ultra love.
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  1. I went to Bikram this morning...and thought of you. You were my "inspiration" to get back into it. I thought of your witty posts while I was laying on the floor gasping for air today...and it helped me through.

  2. I'm glad that your meat eater-ness was satisfied, love! Oh, and I'm also glad that you got to spend time with the boyfriend. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love Love Love