Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Life

so remember when i was training for an ultra marathon? don't forget about that. it is still a daily dream of mine. mostly, when i walk Luna to the dog park, i imagine what life would be like if i could just run. and keep running. i miss running in shelby farms. i miss the trails, the grass, the mud, the trees, the smells, the aching joints, all of it.

don't get me wrong. I LOVE YOGA. And i am very happy that i found it, but running is just one of those things that feels right, even when my legs are about to fall off. specifially, running with luna is the most peaceful i have ever felt. when luna starts acting up, i take myself to my happy place (thank you cesar milan, for your fantastic dog advice) which is a very distinct memory i have of the two of us running through a wooded part of the tour de wolf trail. it was the perfect temperature, my legs were fresh, and Luna and i were perfectly synchronized in so many ways. she knew when to turn, when to slow down, which way to proceed. our brains and bodies were connected through this special moment we were sharing. That is my calm/assertive moment that i recall so that Luna is a calm and submissive pup.

I think cesar milan does bikram yoga. really. 1- i can just see him in half moon pose. totally uncomfortable but relaxed and killin it. 2- i can see him as an instructor, SHHHHH-ing people when they are doing the pose wrong.........

sorry for that side thought. it needed to come out.

but anyway- today i needed all of my calm/assertive energy slash my yoga "presence." See bikram is not about peaceful meditation. it is about remaining calm and relaxed even when you are in the middle of hell. today's hell was new haven city hall. i had to fork over $600 for my flippin parking permit, and the tax people are rude. and not helpful. and their whole system is dumb. and grad students dont have much money, so i just lost my mind in there. i was not a calm yogi or a calm/assertive leader of the pack. i was a hot mess. fortuantely, i eventaully got it together. all it took was a burrito (from the carts- a strange yale culture that is very delicious), a diet coke, some love from my roomie grace, a dog park trip with luna, and a shower.

i feel much better. hopefully i will get to go to 6:00 am yoga tomorrow.

OH, now that i have remembered, this post was supposed to be about my new friend. Her name is sabrina, and, yes, it is a little creepy that i am blogging about her. but it is okay because she is a part of why i can keep dreaming about running. see, sabrina is a REAL ULTRA RUNNER. LIKE FOR REAL, PEOPLE. a few weeks ago, she was doing a 24 hour race. no big, right? but she got injured 80 miles in. 80 miles, no big.

anyway- it is very nice to have someone here at YDS who shares my running love/obsession/craziness. Most people enjoy running, but few have the desire to just keep running for a long time. In my mind, if i could do an 8 hour run (and my body could make it and not break) that would be pure happiness. I want to be able to run for a long time and for a long way. Hopefully, my new friendship with sabrina will give me motivation, someone to chat with, someone to think i am not crazy. it also helps that she is super nice and fun to be around in general. grace and i will DEF have to invite her to our "fall fun fest" or whatever it is that we are having at our house. grace is making vegetarian chili- i think i am going to spike it with meat. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

okay. enough rambling for today.

oh wait. ps. grace has started to come to yoga with me. and i think i am getting her addicted. YES.

ultra love.


  1. You are legit. Love your blog. Love that I now know you. Can't wait until we're both running again because this is AWFUL.

  2. Though to of you today while I was in Memphis "hell" aka, Bikram this morning. Lori and Greg sold the joint and left town. Did you hear that? There's some new folks running the ship now. They're very different than Greg and Lori. Hopefully you will go for a visit while you are home for turkey day.