Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Extenda-Week 2010

So a few weeks ago, Michelle and I realized reading week (a week off from class, where you actually do need to catch up on reading) was coming. We just knew we wanted to bake PUMPKIN THINGS. At first it was just pumpkin cookies, but the more we looked for good recipes, the more recipes we found. So what was just lets get together and bake pumpkin cookies has turned into, "i just spent alot of money at the grocery store so we can bake pumpkin things many days in a row" aka "Pumpkin Extenda-Week 2010!"

Why Extenda-Week you ask? Well, I found more than 7 recipes (i think 10 total?). AND, sometimes in grad school you just can't bake everyday and live to tell about it. AND, i don't want any food to go to waste, so i am going to try to make sure things get eaten before i move onto the next food.

Thus far, two recipes have been made. Each will have an individual post, so don't fret.


ultra love.

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