Wednesday, January 20, 2010

how to be good at life

by elise and luna

step one: wake up in the mornin feelin like p diddy

step two: go to 9 am spin class with crazy cathy.... let me tell you a little bit about spin instructors. they really do make a difference in the quality of experience you have. now laurie is the best. i love her. crazy cathy's class is well, like having a crazy person in your head for an hour. she screams things like "blue jeans!" and "work those booties" and "yeahhhhhhh" - and then she stares at you with these creepy eyes and her head wobbles back and forth. and then.... to top all this off---- at the end, the very end, when we are sweaty and tired and want to leave, she yells "SMILE!!!!" i almost threw my camelbak water bottle at her face. listen woman, i do not want to smile a) at the end of spin class b) at you. so back the eff off............. at least it was a good workout

step three: go home, eat some turkey

step four: rest up by watching "what a girl wants" with colin firth

step five: take luna on a 6 mile run out at shelby farms (tour d'wolfe again peeps). in the rain.
luna and i had a goooood run that day. the whole time, all i could think was "there is nothing like a good run with your dog." it is such a peaceful, easy feeling- not running/walking your dog but just being with your dog. anyway, luna had a good time. i let her off the leash at one point, and she would jack rabbit runnnnnnnnnn then do a somersault into the grass. get up. jack rabbit runnnnnnnnnn and then do a somersault into the grass. it was hilariousssssss. luna also ran through a few mud puddles, as is custom. yes, muddy puppy syndrome. my favorite.

step six: go home and give your dog a bath.

step seven: let your dog outside to go to the bathroom

step eight: let your dog back inside, only to see she has been rolling around in the mud under the deck.

step nine: give your dog another bath.

step ten: meet your handsome and health conscious boyfriend at the gym for exercise round three (yep, three). I shadowed my man around the gym, doing his workout (but obviously with smaller weights). Five sets of 10 standing bar bell shoulder presses. Five sets of 10 pull-ups. Five sets of 10 dips. 5 sets of 10 bicep curls. reminder to the world- I HATE BICEP CURLS. HATE HATE HATE. but i did them.

annnnnnnd you're done. be proud. be tired the next day. but most of all, feel good at life.

ultra love.

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