Friday, January 15, 2010

run, run, runaway run

yes, that's a hanson song.

so my "ultra running" has taken a back seat to a two things.
1. graduate school applications
2. safety

1. My graduate school applications will be complete in the next few days. 2/5 submitted as of 10:47 pm today. Once those are officially done, I can breathe a little more. I can be less stressed. I can really set my training schedule.

2. My safety is something I wasn't counting on being an issue. See, when I wake up at 7:00, it is still semi-dark outside. This means that if I woke up at 6 to take Luna running, it would be really dark. As vicious as Luna is (HAHAHA- well she at least looks intimidating being 80 pounds), I still do not feel safe running in Midtown Memphis in the dark.
Now, I know you are alllllll thinking, "well how about after work, silly?" Ahem, dear friends, I already thought of this. Unfortunately, after work = dark. All of the good running areas just do not feel safe enough for me to take an adventure in the dark.

THEREFORE, during the week I am super limited in my ability to run other than on a treadmill. Hopefully, this will change as daylight time gets longer, daylight savings time approaches, and grad school apps magically apply themselves.

In other news, I have had to put the Vibrams aside since it has been below freezing here. Toes get pretty cold in those things when temps are below zero. As the weather warms and I run outside more, the Vibrams will get more use.

Until then, I am relying heavily on spinning for my cardio and putting a little more focus on weights. Being a mother to a year old lab puppy has made me feel a little pudgy. Here's to toning it up in 2010.

Speaking of 2010, New Years Resolutions-------

1. Don't eat bad terrible evil food
2. Fried food can only be eaten once a week
3. Run a marathon
4. run an ultra marathon
5. make luna calm down when she meets people and dogs for the first time

How to accomplish these- a very important part of making resolutions is knowing how to go about making good stuff happening.
1. buy fresh groceries each week. order salads instead of french fries
2. sub fruit and veggies for anything i want to eat that is fried.
3. make training schedule
4. do number 3 and keep adding mileage. 50K is not that much farther than a marathon and would be an ultra. the better i get at running, the more mileage i can add for 2011's ultra.
inspiration: ---- see scott jurek. my secret love.
5. watch caesar aka the dog whisperer. doing this right now. luna is calm submissive, well asleep, next to me.

ultra love

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