Friday, January 29, 2010

fie on you snow! fie!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were in perfect accord with my Marathon Training. Then, today, the great blizzard of 2010 happened. I woke up at 7 and immediately texted my office spouse to see if our office was closed. Now, i texted him before i even looked out the window. Thus, approximately 45 seconds after texting my office spouse, i looked out the window and noticed the ground wasnt even WET and promptly send a second text that simply stated, "nevermind." So, i got ready and drove on into work. By 8 am, it was rain-icing. By 9 am it was even more rain-icing. by 9:30 it had started to snow, and by 9:45 it was a blizzard. At this point our boss closed the office. While the roads weren't bad then, the snow/ice/rain combo continued all day, and Lord knows no one in memphis knows how to drive in this weather. I therefore had to forego my trip to the gym for safety reasons.

Instead of the gym, i took my sweet angel outside to play in the snow.

Here she is, patiently waiting to go outside. She just loves the snow.
Luna also loves to eat sticks and to dig them out from under the snow.
She really is the prettiest thing i have ever seen. Look at that face.
This is Luna right before she rubbed her face in the snow. Thats another favorite of hers.

I am hoping that somehow, someway (Somewhere Someday? if you can name that song reference, you win the awesome at life award) I will make it to the gym tomorrow for a 6 mile run. Sunday is supposed to be 10. Cross your fingers that I can get out to shelby farms for that to happen. It may be fun in the snow.

It also may not. We all know how coordinated i am in regular weather, ice and snow could be dangerous. But, if i want to be an ultra runner, i gotta live on the wild side- like wild bill, my roomba vacuum.

ultra love

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