Monday, July 12, 2010

Apples to Apples

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the chance to try out a different Yoga studio in DC. What I want to do right now (and what I WILL do bc this is MY blog and I do what I WANT, like hoodrat stuff with my friends) is give you a little run down of the differences, things i liked, things I didn't like, etc.

1. The yoga instructor brought her son to work with her. Think: cute little 6 year old cherub with blond hair. My oh my was this child a talker. He took it upon himself to show Jackie and me a few of the yoga poses- Rabbit and Camel, for those of you who care. He also made SURE to remind us that THERE WAS NO TALKING IN BIKRAM YOGA.

2. Their studio had this strange floor- it was like plastic astro turf but more squiggly than grassy. I think that a few years ago there were some flip flops that had this stuff as the base... I cant decide whether this stuff is more or less sanitary than carpet (like the Memphis studio). Sanitation aside, my feet slipped less on this stuff than the carpet. The plastic-y-ness gave you better grip than Memphis' generic office carpet.

3. DC smelled way better than Memphis. Though I have found that the smell in Memphis is not as bad if you go in the morning. By the 6:30pm class, it is almost unbearable. almost, but not quite.

4. The DC studio holds the camel pose (see below) about 3 times as long as the Memphis studio.
(ps. this is DEFINITELY what I look like when I do this pose.
Serene expression, body that lacks any sweat whatsoever, and sunkissed skin. MOST def)

ANYWAY- this pose, as you may be able to guess, is rather difficult. It has alot to do with your head position and the amount of strain on your chest as you stretch. I am just now getting to the point that I can 1) get into the pose and 2) hold in during my Memphis classes. The DC studio held it for a full minute the first set and a minute and a half the second set. I almost keeled over because this pose makes you dizzy. In general (at least in Memphis, in general) the second set of the pose is supposed to be shorter than the first. big time FAIL and BOO to DC on this one.

5. At the end of the class, the instructor walked around and gave everyone an ICE COLD wash cloth that was soaked in lavender (i think) water. It was extremely refreshing. THUMBS UP to DC on this one.

All in all, it was a good experience. I do like the Memphis instructors the best. Even though Dc was very good, the Memphis peeps give that extra bit of instruction that makes all the difference. The Memphis studio is also a good bit cleaner than the DC one, and it feels safer in terms of "protecting your valuables." As far as the class, it really is fundamentally the same wherever you go. Each instructor may add a phrase here and there, but the script and the poses don't change. I like that.

Ultra love.

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  1. Bikrham is a killer, I made it through one class and haven't been back since ( it's been almost a year) I'm a runner as well & hope to do the Ultra next spring/early summer... Best of luck with your running & training :)