Monday, July 19, 2010

if i were the weekend, i would have just been owned by me

oh hey- whats up? what did you do this weekend? eat yourself into oblivion? lounge around? watch tv? well lemme tell you what i did.
1. Saturday Morning: 8 am - 10 am. SPIN- Tour de' France style. How does that work you may ask? WELL, if you should happen to watch the Tour tomorrow, you will watch the stage that we "did" in class on saturday. See, Laurie, the greatest spin instructor in the world, crafted a 2 hour class where our intensity (think: tension on the bike which mimics different hill grades) followed the hills for Tuesday's stage. It was AWESOME. One of the reasons why Laurie is so good is that she knows just when to yell encouraging things, just when to crack it up or down, and just when to let you push yourself. On saturday, she made it seem like we were really in the race- pulling one of our team mates, having to take over when he had to drop out, battling the "big names" up the hill, and trying to push past them at the finish line. We won the stage, in case you were worried.

2. Saturday Afternoon: I sewed 2 dogs beds for Luna with my Grandmother! This isn't really a how-to blog, so I just took pictures of the "after" stage. How did this project come about? Well, I had some extra memory foam sitting around, and it needed to be used rather than dumped in a landfill where it would pollute our precious environment and contribute to global warming and killing dolphins with those plastic coke can holder thingys. So, Grandmother and I cut the memory foam- one to fit in her kennel and one to be more "decorative" around the house. The furry one is gonna go in her kennel, the pretty patterned one is the around the house dog bed.

(this is my grandmother's pool table- located in her rec room)
close-up of the furry one
close up of the patterned one!

It took up about hours to complete these two beds. We had some trouble getting our sewing machines working, but it didn't matter in the end since we just got to hang out and chit chat all day. See, I love my Grandmother. And, I love her house more than any other place in the world. It smells like all of my favorite memories and is still decorated in her orignal 70s style. See the evidence below.
This is my toy box, that she still has. Side note, Luna just joined me on the couch and licked my ear. yummy, i guess.
Grandmother's living room. She designed her whole house and decorated it.
Pretty bookshelf in the rock wall.
This was my Aunt Anita's room, and then my room when my dad lived with my Grandmother for a little while.
How awseome is all of this? I love this house. If i could live anywhere for the rest of my life, it would be this house. Hands down.

3. Saturday Night: went to a fancy dinner with my dad. then took the dogs on a walk.

4. Sunday- After church: i rush to workout with my dad and his trainer charles. Charles used to be a body builder. And he whoops you. You workout all of the major muscle groups, but its about intensity and keeping your heart rate up. Therefore, you do not get to stop between exercises. My personal favorite is the sled in the middle of the room that he loads up with weight and makes you push up and down the room.

5. Sunday: All day-- I cleaned out my closet. This was another task that took all day. I still have a few more sections of my room to go before everything has been cleaned out, organized, and/or thrown away. When that happens, i will show you the evidence. But not quite yet.

6. Sunday: 4:30-- I also went to YOGA. it was a packed class which made it really really really hot in there. Not a fan of full classes.

7. Sunday Night: cooked dinner with dad, kept cleaning my room, then took the babies on a walk.

yes. OWNED. and now it is monday, i just had a great yoga class, and i am POOPED.

ultra love.

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