Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ode to Lori

An ode to the greatest spin instructor on the planet, Lori:

I love you, Lori
Oh yes I do
I love you Lori
You kick my boo(ty)
When you aren't at spin, I'm blue!
Oh Lori I love you!

Now, I know that it is normal to love your family, your significant other, or your best friend. But I am not sure if it is normal to love your spin instructor as much as I love Lori. I am pretty sure that Martha and Ellen are with me on this..... Lori most definitely has a place in our hearts.

In a way, this shows that there is something wrong with us- that we have such great affection for someone who whoops us every Tuesday and Thursday. But there is nothing more satisfying than walking into spin knowing that I am going to get a great workout. AKA- there is nothing more satisfying than walking into spin and seeing Lori perched on the bike up front. It makes me happy to know that all of her CDs have one of my "faves" on it--- the waka waka song, burn it to the ground, lady gaga, ke$ha.

Today, when I walked into class, she wasn't there. I spent most of the class being irritated, because, well, I have been spoiled for 2 years with the best spin instructor ever in the history of ever, so I wanted her to be there. However, as we were cooling down, the new lady said Lori was taking a spin hiatus (as in a long time- at least long enough that I wont get to go to her class again before I leave for Yale) to heal her hamstring.

I kid you not- I almost cried. As I left the gym, I called Martha to tell her (almost cried). Called Ellen (def teared up a little). Then complained to my mom about how sad I was. (Lori- if you are reading this, note this is not a guilt trip but a way to show you how loved you are)

So, in honor of the best spin lady who has been so sweet to me, to marth, and to ellen, here is a list of things I love about Lori.

1. She is always happy to be at spin- whether she has torn her hammy in half, has a headache, or just isn't feeling well.
2. She picks music with beats that fit perfectly to whatever hill or sprint we are on.
3. She introduced us to the Waka Waka song.
4. She always wears cute exercise tops.
5. She doesn't go easy on us.
6. She turns the music up loud- and even though I have to wear my ear plugs, it still gets me pumped.
7. She always says encouraging words at JUST the time that you are starting to let yourself slack off.
8. We are facebook friends.
9. She takes the time to know the people in her class, and that makes us become friends too.
10. She takes the time to create fun classes- like the Tour de France class, or the BIG LONG HILL class.
11. She makes sure it's not too hot in the class room.
12. She always tried to make us burn 1000 calories in a workout (Marta has this calorie counter watch thing, and she promised us a pizza if Marta got to 1000 calories)
13. She is just cool like that.
14. She is funny! She always makes funny jokes or side comments, and I can't help but laugh even if i am pushing up a hill or have beads of sweat dripping down my face.
15. She is the best ever, and I am going to miss her classes. I can't wait for Christmas break when I can go to her classes once again.

If you haven't figured out how much Lori dominates from all of my previous blog posts, I hope this post shows you how I feel. This just goes to prove all the old cliches true- You don't know what you've got til it's gone, best things come to those who wait, kill two birds with one stone..... not sure how that last one fits, but I needed three.....

LORI. I (we) think you are the best there is. Heal that hamstring, but know how much you will be missed.

ultra love.

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