Wednesday, July 7, 2010

an Ultra American Fourth of July

This past weekend, in honor of America, I went to the land of my college years (Washington, DC) to visit someone. This someone happens to be my best friend. Somewhere in the twists and turns of fate, God saw fit to let me spend 4 years living with my "womb mate." It's kind of like we were born to be rommies and besties, and that hasn't changed even though we have lived in separate cities the past two years.

ENOUGH of the sappy stuff. On to the manly, bestial part of our visit.

FIRST- we went kayaking on the Potomac. I have pictures to prove it.We had so much fun, minus the part where our arms got kinda tired from all the paddling.

This is my artsy picture of our paddles and our alma mater in the back ground. Beautiful, eh?
But really- we had so much fun out on the river. It reminded us of the days when we were on the crew team together- rowing down the Potomac at 6 am with a slight mist/fog covering the water.

THEN- I convinced jackie to go to Bikram Yoga with me. We went to the studio on Capitol Hill, and overall, we had a great experience. See, Jackie had been to a Hot Yoga class a few years back, and left with a bad taste in her mouth. See: way to hot, ended up army crawling out of the room so she wouldn't vom. This time- I let Jackie in on a few secrets and mentally prepared her for the class. We hydrated like crazy the day before. We had a little orange juice for breakfast so we wouldnt have anything to throw up. We wore the right clothes. We brought ice water.

The end result? I think Jackie actually liked it. Now, I dont think she will go on her own. I am pretty sure that she would want me/someone there just in case something goes wrong. But all in all, if someone doesn't run screaming bloody hell after a class, you have done something right.

I could probably write a more in depth post on this, but really the only thing that sticks out in my mind right now is how much fun we had. It was a fantastic weekend- filled with all the good things in life, like naps, waffles, pools, books, life discussions, southwest chicken salads, ice cream, st. mary's friends, jorts, and ultra happiness.

I leave you with two pictures from America's Birthday Celebration on the National Mall:

Ultra love.

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  1. OH wow, this is crazy....i was sitting 15 feet from you.
    In reality, we were probably further away, but none the less in the same place at the same time. It sure was a good show wasn't it!