Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the best workout ever

I had been planning today's workout for a llloooooonnnnnggggg time.

1. I had the day off because it is a federal holiday- Veteran's Day. Shout out to my office spouse, Travis, who served our country in Iraq and continues to serve our country by keeping me sane everyday.
2. Since daylight savings time, it's been hard to get good long runs in. It gets dark so fast, and, even though Luna is big and ferocious, it still isn't safe to run in the dark.
3. Since I have Luna and Ellen waiting at home, its not fun to spend 3 hours in the gym after work when you have two lovely ladies who miss you.

THEREFORE, today's random wednesday off meant the planning of the best workout ever.

1. 7- 8 mile run with luna. brief pause in the middle for a little water, but otherwise smooooooth sailing.
2. full body lifting at my mom's gym. two chest, two back, two bicep, two tricep, two shoulder, 150 crunches and 40 lunges.
3. date with my dad at charles = the best pain there is.

I haven't mentioned charles before because it has been a while since i went back. I had to stop going post surgery because charles pretty much destroys you. the intensity of his workouts is unbelievable. Charles is a former amateur body builder. He is a beast. He doesn't yell and he doesn't get excited. He just doesn't let you stop or not give it your all. 10 minutes on jacob's ladder- a rotating ladder that is on a serious incline. 72 leg presses- 36 regular, 36 working the inner thigh. 1 min sprint on the weirdly intense elliptical slash stairstepper. push the sled back and forth 6 times. 1 min sprint. butt presses. 1 min sprint..... you get the idea. one hour of intense sweating and muscle burning. you wanna vom sometimes, you wanna pass out on the floor afterwards. you wanna rip your arms off.

it is the best kind of pain ever.

oh and now he has a new machine. you put your knees on this pad, then pull this rope so that it pulls your knees off the floor. and he makes you keep going. seeeeeeeeeee below and imagine.

thank you to this website for the picture.

V250 climber
The only bad thing about today's workout is that it didn't happen.

Yes you heard that right. It didn't happen.

This morning, in a series of unfortunate events, I burned the top layer of my eyeball. See diagram below. The night before I didn't have contact solution so i soaked my contacts in eye drops. Bad idea. DO NOT DO THAT EVER. when i put them is this morning, they burned, but i really had no alternative and needed to wear them for an hour. The rest of my morning was spent in pure BAD pain, not charles GOOD pain. My eyes watering and feeling like a blow torch was being held up to them. My nose running. I wanted to cut my eyes out.

Cornea - Illustration

Fortunately, i went to my eye doctor and this pain should go away in 36 hours since eyes heal pretty fast. thankfully there is no permanent damage. here's to no more pain, and the dream of another workout. ultra love.

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