Sunday, November 22, 2009

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hellooooooo mommy's friends!
my name is luna the yellow lab puppy, and i currently am very angry at my mother. let me tell you why.

it all started back when i was a wee pup of about 40 pounds, and mommy took me to the vet. mostly, i like the guy. he is pretty nice, but that day he made a decision that snowballed into my current situation. he told my mother that my "little girl parts" were underdeveloped, so she should wait to have me spayed until RIGHT when i started my first heat. the reason, he said, was so that i would have to time "fully develop" and not have problems going to the bathroom later on.

frankly, i could care less what his
reasons were. they are dumb because this is not fun. on friday morning, mommy discovered that i had started my first heat. i wont go into the gorey details (bahahahahah), but the end result of this discovery was that my mother, my mean terrible evil mother, left me at the vet for the day.

THIS is the end result of that fateful day.

yes. you guessed it. they cut out my girly parts. and even worse, they cut off my waggle toe (also known as a dewclaw). please see the before and after below.

AFTER: see the red bandage?
SO you can understand that i do not feel very well. So much that my mommy has to make my food special for me- dog food with rice and water, warmed up in the microwave, with some peanut butter mixed in. Im spoiled.

And to top off feeling like crap and like someone yanked out my womanhood (oh wait, they did), my mother put me in this:
i am very angry. and someimes the cone of shame makes me sad. last night i wouldnt go to sleep with it on. but today, i have warmed up to the cone of shame a bit.
I have discovered that i like to store my favorite toys in the cone of shame.
Even though i am mad at my mother, i still like to hang out and watch tv with her.
Word of advice, do not be a girl dog and get spayed. do not have a waggle toe and get it removed. It is not fun, but the only good part is that your mother does feel bad that she did this evil thing to you. only 8 more days in this thing. i hope i can make it.


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