Monday, November 9, 2009

instead of blowing up the post office, i went to a basketball game

after being ill for a while, i finally got back into the wild yonder this weekend- aka saturday and sunday, for those of you who don't know what weekend means. on saturday i got a solid 6 mile run in. I was out in the middle of nowhere TN at a church retreat center called Pinecrest.

It was an interesting run because I felt really good for most of it. The last time i ran 6 miles I felt tired by the end. This time i was less weary, but my feet were pretty sore. Not good. I should probably reground and figure out what is wrong with my stride.

On sunday, I went for a 5 mile run. THIS TIME, i had two of the most handsome/beautiful puppies with me.

ON THE RIGHT, weighing 75 pounds, with a killer jack rabbit run/leap and and ear piercing bark, LUNAAAAAAA!

ON THE LEFT, weighing 70 pounds, with the most luxurious blonde fur and a hatred for other dogs running past his two girls, WINSTONNNNNNNNNNN!

thats how the run was. Luna on the right, Winston on the left. they were perfect and loved every minute. well, except winston who doesnt like it when other dogs come close to luna or me. he growls and them and i have to say, NO WINSTON.

(side note- luna just simultaneously had her paw on ellen's breasticle and leaned her head back to give me kisses on my face/mouth. yeah. at the same time. what a girl.)

So the three of us felt really good on the run. Well, except winston who is out of shape because daddy doesn't run him like he should. so winnie got tired at the end, but he made it. what a sport.

Tonight, was a day off from running because i went to the tiger game (VICTORYYYYYYYY) instead of blowing up the post office like i wanted to do because they are the most ridiculous institution in the world. good thing, i have let my anger with USPS go, and instead took it out on the unsuspecting refs by letting them know that every foul CBU committed was, in fact, intentional. most def.

breakfast: oatmeal and juice
lunch: chicken and orzo
snack: brownie (whoops?!)
dinner: cupboard-- squash, turnip greens, cucumber and tomato salad, friend green tomatoes plus cornbreadddddddddd

Luna's favorite game: be inappropriate and then tear out the butt of my birdie toy.

tomorrow: SPINNING (yessssssssssssss) and some weights.

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