Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And God Said, "Let there be right and left"

and the RIGHT was good.

today, Luna and I went on a 4 mile run today. We started to go down the trail run behind our house, but she started acting like a little turd. ERGO we turned back around and charged onto our normal route. She was still being terrible, when suddenly, I had, not a brain wave but more of a subconscious bodily impulse to pull her over to my right side. 

AND YA KNOW WHAT? she stayed by my side the rest of the run. really. I am not kidding. Apparently, somewhere in her dog-instinct, the dog on the right follows the dog on the left. I was so proud of my new discovery and how good I looked with such a well-trained and beautiful angel puppy. 

Therefore- Luna's favorite game of the day: be the best puppy in the world. 

Today's Menu:
Breakfast- same as everyday, pumpkin spice latte
Lunch: Lenny's turkey on wheat, no cheese, chips (bad, i know) 
Dinner: Boiled chicken with BBQ sauce, broccoli, and a spinach salad with craisins and walnuts.

Thanks to my friends Lauren and Martha- I have my race calendar pretty much set for the biggies. 

January 9, 2010
April 24, 2010
Ultra Marathon: three options
sometime next fall.... 

Ultra Love

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