Thursday, October 29, 2009

rag time cowboy joe

so today, a constituent called, and i heard my co-worker say, "how can i help you Mr. Tootin?" Aside from laughing out loud, a song popped into my head, and it took me a fair amount of time, googling, and dancing/singing/making gun noises around my office to remember where it was stored in my remembery.

The song goes as such: "He's a high fa-lutin, rootin tootin, son of a fun from arizone, he's some cowboy, talk about your cowboy, rag time cowboy joe." I finally figured out that it was on the Alvin and the Chipmunks tape (yes, tape- WAYYYY before CD's people) that my brother and i used to sing along to in my dad's car.

Let me tell you about my dads old car. It was an Audi that my grandparents gave my dad when he graduated from college (imagine my honda in 20-or-so years when im married and have kids who are in elementary school). It was black with this REALLY tall stick shift (i wold say about 2 feet tall, maybe more). It had the greatest smell- very hard to describe. I loved that car, but i did NOT love the fact that I had to ride in a car seat pretty much up until the 3rd or 4th grade. This wasn't a baby car seat, but more like a booster seat for the car. I had to keep riding in one because I was too small (aka under 60 pounds and very short) longer than most people. I remember always being embarrassed about this, as kids typically are. People have always been holding me back from my full potential. hmmmmpf.

Speaking of holding me back, i have been sick this week. I went to bed at 10 pm on Monday night, 9:30 on Tuesday night, and 11 on Wednesday night in an effort to fight this illness off. And thought i haven't had any fever, i have had plenty of snot, congestion, snot, coughing, and snot. Needless today, these conditions make running 1. not fun, 2. not fruitful, 3. painful.

Taking all this time off running and exercising really makes me antsy. I hate getting a week behind my running schedule, but i know that if i dont take this time off, it will end up hurting me in the long run. bahahaha no pun intended- get it? long run? yeah?

ultra love

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