Saturday, October 17, 2009

"we're going to be rewarded"

how many of you have thought to yourself, "i totally deserve a reward for that run i did earlier today!"? and then you eat about 12 cookies? because i do that.... cookies, pizza, muddy's, fries, fried pickles, chips and dip, or rolls....

but really, is eating food that's bad for you, really a reward?

people complain about losing weight and working out all the time. how hard it is. how working out doesn't do anything. but here's the thing- working out isn't about losing weight. it is about a lifestyle change. running an ultra marathon is a lifestyle change too.

you can't just run around and expect a dramatic change in your body. you can't just run around and expect to be able to run 50 miles. you have to make a serious commitment to change the way you have been living. you have to make a commitment to giving your body the nutrients it needs to reap the benefits of your workout routine. you need to give your body the fuel it needs to make it 50 miles. that is why this "reward" system that i have been so very fond of (eek, dangling preposition- only reason i am leaving it is that it's a cliche and gets my point across), doesn't really fit a lifestyle change. Most of the time, the rewards i give myself actually just set me back. They are either high in calories, high in fat, high in sugar, or low in nutrients.

what good does it do me to be rewarded with crap? think of it as the difference in cerel box prizes from when i (we?) were little and now. when i was little, the cereal box gave you a teenage mutant ninja turtle bowl. aka THE COOLEST THING EVER. now, kids get weird shit like coloring books or plastic animal statues. giving your body good and nutrient rich food to eat = teenage mutant ninja turtle cereal bowl. giving your body gross (but oh so tasty) fatty calorie-y badness = coloring book and plastic animal statues.

i am just as guilty as the next person about eating crap. BUT that doesn't i don't get mad at myself when i do it. so friends, the next time you think about eating that second delicious muddy's cupcake, take a minute and decide what you want- TMNT bowl or lame-o coloring book.

but seriously, for me to make it 50 miles in the woods and mountains of some southern state, i need to learn what nutrients my body needs, particularly throughout a LOOOOONG run. I need to learn how MY body needs to be hydrated throughout the day and what foods will keep me healthy and happy.

so for all of you out there, take the time to make a commitment to a lifestyle change. take the time to say NO to the friend chicken fingers. NO to the second cupcake (i can't even do no sweets, so my call to action is just to not over-do it on the desserts). NO to that extra piece of pizza. and YES to all things awesome.

luna's favorite game of the day: walk over mom while shes blogging on the couch and put my butt in her face while i pretend like i fit in small spaces even though i am a 70+ pound puppy.

weekend update to come. highlights: surprise visit to nashville, 6 mile runs, Memphis Madness, spinning, and car cleaning. sooooooo exciting.

ultra love

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