Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are we human or are we dancers?

this is the age old question i ask myself everyday.... and that luna answers by barking at me. and then i remember- that the only reason i asked that question in the first place is that it's in the lyrics of a song in spin class.

(side note- in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories.)

let me fill you in on spin class today. today was one of those days where i was in the ZONE. one of those days where all i want to do is turn the resistance on really high and power up an imaginary hill. so boy did i. those imaginary hills were destroyed by my overactive imagination. the last hill we scaled was particularly brutalized, partly because of a similar phenomenon to one i explained before- "this song would give me a panic attack in real life, but DAMN it's great to spin to." This time the song was "burn it to the ground," and unfortunately, it is by nickelback. go ahead, vom a little in your mouth. it's okay.

anyway- i will take this opportunity to educate all of you on the basics of spinning.
1. wear spandex shorts, or pants- otherwise, you will chaff.
2. bring a big water bottle. you will sweat and be very thirsty.
3. to set up your bike. measure how high you want your seat to be by standing next to it and bringing your knee up so your leg is parallel to the ground. thats about high you want it. make your when you pedal you do not fully extend your knee and that your butt is on the back of the seat. adjust the handle bars to your liking. i like mine a little lower because i like to stick my butt out. but thats just me. don't feel weird about moving your seating around during the workout. better to have good form than be in more pain the next day.
4. figure out what your levels are. every instructor is different- for our class 5 is flat road and ten is you wanna get off and push your bike.
5. don't go balls to the wall on your first spin class. ease into it.
6. your butt will hurt. it will get better after a while, i promise.

on to the update on life. my workout schedule has been lax because i took the GRE. (side note- luna's farts are even worse that another certain someone's. and that is saying something) i ran in a race with my friend Martha- it was the Pumpkin Run. Martha and i found it very hilly. i don't like hills and with good reason- they are hilly. anyway- we had lots of fun BEFORE the hills watching these old guys who were SUPER hype about the race. they did all these funny sprinting/starting exercises at the start line wearing their neon yellow shoes and running jerseys. allllll to win the hugely important pumpkin run. HOWEVER- they were doing the "new stride" so we were very impressed and entertained.

Monday, i took the GRE. I took luna on a run the morning of. she was an angel. so proud. Then we had people over monday night. it was really fun because:
1. i actually got to be social
2. there were LOTS of people. aka- ellen and i are really popular.
3. there was goooooood food. pizza, cupcakes, chips and dip, cookies.
4. luna was on her best behavior. unlike now when shes barking.

I am not going to post my menu for the last few days. it is embarrassing.

Luna's favorite game today is: eat the easter egg but don't actually chew it up like i do every other toy.

I need to buy my vibram five fingers. Half marathon training starts the 18th!

Ultra love.

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