Thursday, October 22, 2009

dead weight, cloud nine, and short hair

dear running,
i love you, but sometimes my body wonders why i spend time with you. when that happens, i have to remind myself that i was, in fact, born to run, and trudge on.
and you know what? luna loves you too. i am pretty sure that she was, in fact, born to run as well. perfect dog for a mother who is becoming an ultra runner.
so, running, thank you for being you. for challenging me. for bringing me closer to my 9 month old puppy. and for making me look goooooood.
love, elise

so i have still been running. I felt great on my friday run (5 miles). On saturday, i went to spin class and then decided to take luna on another 5 mile run. heads up to all you fools out there: running after spinning equals "dead weight legs" aka legs-that-dont-want-to-run-and-are-really-heavy. it was terrible. then sunday, my 3 mile run felt just the same.
needless to say, i was not pleased with those developments.
my run on monday was not much better- it was a short run, but still not great.

SO- on tuesday, i took the day off to spend some time on CLOUD NINE. my friend chandler and i got to eat dinner with the memphis basketball team and Coach "Hot" Paster. we took pictures with the coolest basketball players- will coleman and doneal mack. see below for proof.

Yes, be jealous. it's okay.

After that bit of heaven, i found another pocket of perfection in Cordova, TN. my handsome and health conscious boyfriend was in town for just a night because he had a show in Oxford, MS with Matt Wertz. Matt Wertz is good people, and his music is perty dern good too. therefore, tuesday was a good day slash night.

movingggggg onnnnnn......when i went for a 5 mile run on wednesday, my legs felt fabulous. luna was being very obedient on the run so that made it even better. i felt so good after the first 2 miles that i though, "self, let's run through overton park even though its 6:30 and almost dark." on we went..... but i think that it is a sign of a bad decision when you spend time imagining what you would do if a killer/attacker/robber leapt out at me from the bushes and started to assault me. THEREFORE, i will no longer run through overton park when it is dark- it is scary. it is creepy. and it is a bad idea.

but the run felt great. so thats the good bit of news.

after the run i went to the gym for a little bit of a chest and back work out. i added some shoulder exercises in too, finished off with some lunges, jumpies, and crunches. it was another good night.

THEN TONIGHT I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF. i am donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and many thanks to the beautiful melissa for making my hair look just like the picture i gave her.

Happy times. Ultra Love.

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  1. Which half-marathon are you doing? I'd like to run it with you, but I have to check to see if it's a weekend I am around. Lemme know sucka fooooool! Tell Luna I say hi!