Saturday, October 3, 2009

Every year I keep telling myself I should do my Christmas shopping at the Cracker Barrel

quote from my great Aunt Marion as we entered the CB for dinner yesterday. I love her. 

Yesterday, I drove 7 hours with my Grandmother and great Aunt Marion to Shreveport, LA to visit my Aunt Anita, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Jonathan. 
My Aunt Anita is a work-out-a-holic just like I am, so of course she and I HAD to get up early this morning for a workout. Aunt Anita is a spin and step instructor. She runs almost everyday and is a piano/voice teacher plus minister's wife who dominates the music at her church. Needless to say, she's da bomb. 

We went to spin class this morning at 8:30, and it is always fun to go to a different class because every instructor is different. This class my favorite "new" thing was focusing on my natural cadence and then maintaining that cadence as the tension built up. This really gives your legs a workout- cadence is one of the reasons Lance Armstrong is so good. He can maintain his natural cadence even on steep hills. Hard. To. Do. 

After an hour of spin class, Aunt Anita and I came back to her house for a 3 mile run. We used the "natural" stride and discussed how we felt like gazelles floating through fields of wild flowers. OBVI everyone should try to the new stride just to enjoy the aforementioned feeling of gazelle-ness. 

We are off to some craft fair type thing called "The Rebel," and later tonight the whole fam is going to see my cousin's play. (side note- just realized my calves hurt from the run. means i was doing it right. party) (side side note- snoring is funny. sneathing is what I like to call the combo between the outrageous snore and loud breathing. def requires open mouth breathing but there is a little snoring wheeze thrown in. BAhahaha)

Yesterday's Menu: 
Bfast: Nate eggs, kashi waffle, pumpkin spice latte (you. must. try. it. it will change your life)
Lunch: Little Tea Shop- turnip greens, fried okra, lima beans, cabbage
Snack: TRAIL MIX! addicted.
Dinner: Cracker Barrel: Hashbrown casserole, turnip greens, fried okra, dumplins
BAD ME: ate cornbread and biscuits. and when I say ate, I mean 4 sticks and 2 biscuits. 

...... worth it......

Today's Menu: 
Bfast: Banana, Apple, Kashi granola bar
Post work-out Snack: Single egg omelet with garden grown veggies, courtesy of Uncle Rob. YUM
Lunch: who knows plus some funnel cake (BIG SMILEY FACE)
Dinner: steaks, potatoes, some delicious guacamole on baguette bread recipe i found in the Southern Living Magazine.
Dessert: Bananas Foster, again courtesy of Uncle Rob.

Your Ultra Running Education for the day: 
This man is tha BIZnass. 
Tarahumara runner Arnulfo Quimare runs alongside ultra-runner Scott Jurek in Mexico's Copper Canyons
look at those little shorts... LOVE him. Check out his website too.

Ultra love.

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