Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Precious and Few

I have been slacking on the blogging. Two whole days. Get ready for a long post, kids. 

Let me start with Saturday evening. I went to see my cousin's play. He was absolutely fantastic. The play was called the Diviner, and he was the main character, Buddy. Unfortunately, he had to cover himself in mud before the show. This made me highly uncomfortable. Mud. in hair. all over. real mud people. real mud. megggghhhh

The above picture is the family after the play. Please note the mud. really, it is mud.

So sunday was another day off from the gym because Grandmother, Aunt Marion, and I drove the 7 hours from Shreveport, LA. 

Before I post my gym experiences from Monday and Tuesday, I would like to fill you in on the many adventures of Luna Lovegood Puppy. SOOOOOOO LISTEN, sunday night, ellen pointed out that there was an area around Luna's mouth that looked kinda red and swollen....

I know this isnt the best picture. Get over it. Wanna know what this is? Acne, my friends, acne. Just like most of us got when we hit puberty. Apparently, dogs get it just like humans do. HOWEVER, the vet said it has nothing to do with dog puberty. They just get it whenever for no good reason. The way to get rid of it? Clearasil. Yeah, im serious.  

Ellen took luna to the vet to check on it Monday afternoon. We also found out that she has another hot spot

She got $100 bucks worth of shots. Oh and she has fleas. Therefore, I gave her a bath. She ended up clean. I ended up bruised by her trying to claw out of the bathtub. 
Thank you, Luna. You are certainly precious and few. Now each night I have to put medication on her hotspot, put clearasil on her acne, and check her belly for fleas. I also brushed her teeth last night. She likes her chicken flavored toothpaste.

Onto the gym. Monday night I went to the gym with my handsome and health conscious boyfriend. I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill- new stride- still no knee pain. Running on the treadmill was pretty difficult. My form always falls at the end of my runs because my muscles are tired. BUT the big diff here is that it's not my joints that are tired- just muscles! yay! gym party! After the treadmill, I worked my chest and triceps. Incline chest press and flys. Tricep pull downs and dips. Then 40 lunges and some slow and deliberate crunches on the AB ball. 

Tuesday, Ellen and I went to spin class. GOOD workout. lots of sweat. Then we did some ab exercises. It was tons of fun. Ellen made loud noises while she was doing her "rocky crunches" and I told her she wasn't allowed to do that ever again. My handsome and health conscious BF and I spent much of yesterday evening making fun of the baboons who make weird noises in the weight section. NO MAS, boo. no mas. 

Monday's Menu: 
Breakfast- same as every day.
Lunch: Turkey wrap, pita hummus, strawberries
Dinner: Taco Ring, green beans, rice

Tuesday's menu: 
Breakfast: same as every day
Lunch: Turkey wrap, pita and hummus, little bit of taco ring
Dinner: Taco ring (leftover!), rice, strawberries, and a little bit of ice cream 

Today I am thankful for many things. Even though my puppy has dog herpes, acne, and fleas, I still couldn't imagine life without her (i type this as she walks into the den with one of my socks in her mouth. she is so proud). I am also thankful for my handsome and health conscious BF who loves to workout with me and helps me discipline Luna. He's a keeper. I am thankful for my roomie, Ellen/Boo- she makes me laugh and makes a MEAN taco ring. 

Ultra love to all of you.

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